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A wide spectrum of services. This page attempts and fails poorly to give and indication of the sort of services I can supply. I am an advanced Graphic Designer with experience and skills accross the board of Graphic Design. I am a Logo Design Expert and a Branding Specialist and as such can produce a complex list of Graphic Design Consumables for you.

If you need anything with a message on it best thing is just to ask.

Graphic Design is a simple, logical and creative process
that begins and ends with empathy

Everything graphically designed, required for any use, carries a communication that will fulfill one or more purpose. Your graphics must resonate empathy with every one that comes into contact with your service or product.

Every one has to understand it and be positively effected by it.

The following Logo and Graphics Implementation for Centralis Home Care in Sydney, is an example that shows some of the many Graphic Services I offer and the way their projects build as they develop their identity.

Simon Creedy | Logo Designer and Graphic Designer Sydney

Logo Design and Graphic Design Branding for Centralis Home Care (opening in March 2019)

Mark Bartlett from Centralis Home Care called me with a request to have signage produced and erected by March 3rd (requested late January). We discussed the requirements of the work and the outcomes he was hoping to achieve and we started working on his logo discussing colour and symbol options. He was clear what his intentions were for its use and eventually we arrived at two versions of a brand new logo that could be used for signage, web and printed graphics. (pictured here)

The Logo files were then supplied to Mark in various usable formats.

Letter Head,  Business Card and Email Signature

Mark then requested that we look at his stationery. We arrived at clean and simple Business Card, Letterhead and Email Signature design.

After which we looked at the Signage (show below) and eventually went on to design a Brochure with images selected from Shutterstock, (an online photographic liabrary) that empathised with the mood and story of the product and services offered. Copy was supplied to me.

The final stage, which will be coming up in the next two weeks, is to design a Mobile Friendly Website and Vehicle Wrap.

Simon Creedy | Logo Designer and Graphic Designer Sydney
Simon Creedy | Logo Designer and Graphic Designer Sydney
Simon Creedy | Logo Designer and Graphic Designer Sydney
Simon Creedy | Logo Designer and Graphic Designer Sydney

whatever you need

Whether you need a strong and effective Logo Design or a multi page high quality Brochure, Flyer or Business Card, whether you need a HTML Mail Out or a Multi Page Mobile Website, whether you need Web Site Landing Page with some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),

Perhaps you need a shop front signage or some packaging. What ever you need ask me ... if i dont know Ill find out. Whatever you need I can help.


I charge $120 per hour plus gst for everything I do. I consider my pricing as very reasonable as I work efficiently and produce high quality work and offer a lifetime of experience in Graphic Design for Print and Web.

I consider my Sydney Graphic Design and Sydney Logo Design Service to be friendly before anything else. If you want some advice please call.   

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